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Hot Zone Environmental, LLC - Providing Environmental Monitoring & Testing Equipment for Air Water & Soil (HOT ZONE), is a woman owned small business providing environmental monitoring instrumentation rental, sales and supplies business. HOT ZONE is committed to providing superior quality products and services to its clients at competitive rates.

HOT ZONE maintains a wide inventory of popular product lines and is a Nationwide distributor for many of these products:

  • RAE Systems (Air Monitoring)
  • Casella (Industrial Hygiene Monitors)
  • Scienceware
  • Aqua Bailers
  • Environmental Service Products
  • Environmental Test Products
  • Voss Technologies
  • YSI, Inc. (Water Quality Instruments)
  • Solinst (Groundwater Instrumentation)
  • Proactive (DC Powered Groundwater Pumps)
  • Air Liquide Products (Calibration Gases)
  • West Chester Holdings (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Alconox, Inc.
  • Gas Dynamics (Calibration Gases)
  • Grundfos
  • Heron Instruments, Inc. (Groundwater Measurement)
  • QED Environmental Systems

HOT ZONE is a small business headquartered just outside the Charleston, West Virginia area.
Most product lines are available, however, if you need something other than what is available in our inventory we would be pleased to get it for you.

Customer service and satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and the key element of HOT ZONE’s business beliefs.

HOT ZONE'S Client Services

Our Rental Rates

  • HOT ZONE provides competitive rental rates for our clients.
  • HOT ZONE provides daily, weekly and monthly rates without a minimum rental requirement.
  • The rental period starts when the equipment arrives at your door and ends when the equipment leaves your door.
  • HOT ZONE offers reasonable rental terms and conditions to meet our client’s needs.


  • HOT ZONE offers FREE local (Kanawha Valley) delivery and pick-up on weekly rentals.
  • HOT ZONE will ship equipment to anywhere in the United States.
  • Next day delivery services available.


  • All instruments are serviced and calibrated per manufactures’ specifications
  • HOT ZONE does not charge calibration or maintenance fees.
  • Calibration gas is available for purchase upon request.


As a Nationwide distributor for  Aqua Bailer, ESP, ETP, Voss Tech, YSI, Gas Dynamics, Grundfos, Heron Instruments, Inc., QED Environmental Systems and West Chester Holdings and many other supply companies, HOT ZONE is able to provide competitive sale prices for our clients