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QED Sample Pro – Low Flow Sample Pump
Development Pump – Proactive Super Twister
Disposable Sample Scoops


Development Pump – Proactive Super Twister PUMPS SAND AND SILT!!! The Super Twister 12 volt pump is capable of pumping up to 85 feet from at an amazing 1.0 gallon per minute from ground level by simply connecting the pump to a 12 volt battery.

HotZone Special Offer

$295.00 each



A HotZone Exclusive Offer

Complete Low Flow Kit Special Pricing

• QED Low Flow Sample Pro Pump (1.75” or ¾”)
• MP10 Low Flow Controller
• Well Wizard Compressor
• YSI 556 MPS w/Flow Cell


Daily - $260.00
Weekly - $785.00
Monthly - $1,965.00