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Utility Locator-TraceMaster II

Utility Locator-TraceMaster II

( Schonstedt )
Price: Call 304.550.1035 for details

The TraceMaster II® is the professional’s choice for locating pipe and cable, but you don’t have to be a pro to use it. So, to find telephone, cable TV, and fiber optic lines, AC power lines, water and gas pipes, keep a Schonstedt TraceMaster® in your kit.

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Rental Rates $95 $295 $895

To Rent or Purchase Call 304.550.1035

Remote Frequency Control
The TraceMaster II is the first pipe and cable locator on the market to offer a Remote Link between the transmitter and the receiver units. This is accomplished through a radio frequency (RF) two-way communications channel, and makes it possible to change the transmitter frequency from the receiver up to 1500 feet away.

With three classes of frequencies, the TraceMaster is the most versatile locator on the market.  The low range frequency is the best choice for tracing over long cable lines. Medium range frequencies are generally the most useful range for location.  If the signal is weak during the beginning of a trace, you can switch to a higher range frequency.  High range frequencies are good for rapidly sweeping for all utilities in a congested area.

Easy to Use
The TraceMaster II features simple operation with only two buttons and two knobs. No transmitter settings are required. In addition, the receiver has the ability to operate in manual or automatic gain modes. The receiver's LCD panel is uncomplicated and intuitive. The information display is large and easy to understand, while including everything required to monitor the transmitter remotely.

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